Common washing machine problems

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

My Washing Machine doesn't clean my clothes?

The most common reason for this is a blocked detergent tray or line. If your detergent is not reaching the clothes then they will not be cleaned. Try cleaning out both your detergent and filter drawer before starting your next cycle. You may also be overloading your appliance, meaning that there are too many clothes in a small space and they cannot be cleaned efficiently. Try reducing the load on your next cycle.

Washing Machine Won't Spin?

This could be something as simple as overloading, causing the machine to become unbalanced. Alternatively, you could have a broken door latch or interlock - this could cause your washing machine to 'think' that the door is open (even though it's not). Make sure your door is fully closed and there are no visible signs of damage. Also check that the drive belt is still working properly by opening the door and trying to spin the drum. There should be some resistance - if the drum spins easily them the belt might need replacing.

Washing Machine Won't Drain?

A washing machine that won't drain is likely to be due to one of two things - there is either a blockage or the pump is broken. If you can hear the pump running during the cycle but the water is not draining then it may be a blockage. If you cannot hear the pump then something may be wrong with it! To check for a blockage, unplug the washing machine and lay down some towels beneath the access hatch at the bottom of the front face of the appliance. Remove the cover and the filter (making sure to catch any excess water which comes out) and inspect for any debris causing a blockage. Then, inspect the drain hose which is typically attached to the U-bend under the sink.

Washing Machine Making Noise?

A certain amount of noise is normal for any mechanical appliance. Sometimes, however, things do go wrong and it's obvious when a noise is excessive. In this case it's usually a good idea to turn off your appliance, as leaving it running with a problem can cause damage. Possible causes of loud noises include worn drum bearings, unbalanced feet, obstructions in the outer tub or inner drum, heavy wash loads and many other possibilities. If there are no obvious causes for the excessive sound then an engineer visit may be required.


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